Agathé Pâtisserie – Paris in South Melbourne

Thank you Sarah Barzel for showing me Agathé Pâtisserie in South Melbourne Market. All I can say if you judge a

Sarah Barzel & David Zerman welcomed me to Melbourne

croissant based on the one, two, three or four you been lucky to have in Paris – you’ll be delighted with Agathé. IMHO.

All the food adjectives for a croissant – Agathé has in mouthfuls. I am a fan of the classics – plain, chocolate or almond. She offers depending on the mood – matcha, squid ink and more. In addition to classic French cannelles, sable cookies (biscuits), danish and layered mousse cakes and tarts.

Agathé recently expanded her South Melbourne Market kitchen, so while you may be waiting in line – there is an open pastry kitchen and efficient staff to watch make miracles from water and flour. Yes there is usually a line and Agathé does run out of the best and favorites although it seems the expansion of the kitchen may have alleviated some of 86ing of best of.  I avoid all the lines of South Melbourne Market by arriving early and leaving quickly.

In addition to South Melbourne Market you can also find Agathé in the Royal Arcade between Bourke Street Mall and Elizabeth Street in Melbourne’s CBD. Under the stairwell and open Tuesday through Friday 8am-3pm or until it’s all gone. Everything is made at the kitchen in South Melbourne Market and sent by bicycle (like in Paris) to Royal Arcade. It’s a small shop and inventory is limited – get there early if you want to be the favorite person in the office.


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