I love sushi! When desperate and alone I succumb to mass produced, conveyor belt sushi. But I’ve got friends who love sushi too! There are lot of sushi options in Melbourne. On this post, I’ll just talk about sushi ++ at Saké at Hamer Hall.

Julia White and I had theatre tickets – so Saké is perfect – next to the arts precinct; the staff ask if you’re on a time line and the kitchen produces great food.

I highly recommend their Signature Martini – served straight up. You can choose gin or vodka and the mix is pickled ginger, Junmai Daiginjo Sake, Italian dry vermouth chilled with nitrogen and garnished with a cucumber ribbon – honestly we thought we were at a spa drinking cucumber water …..soooo smooth!

Then food:

Edamame cause I needed protein – ha! Fresh, warm a little warm and perfectly salted

I love spicy tuna rolls but don’t find them in Melbourne much – Saké did not disappoint. And not that ordinary spicy tuna – added shiso, pickled daikon, tempura crunch and chili threads all perfectly rolled with just the right amount of rice. Fresh pickled ginger and wasabi for more kick if you like.

I was still on an oyster high from New Zealand so I am ordering if they’re on the menu-  Saké oysters are served raw with wakame, ginger and finger lime. The oysters were meaty, sweet flesh with acid and tobiko gave them a subtle salt and pop crunch.

The tuna avocado salad was a pleasant surprise. We felt the need for some greenery and gave it a try. Again – the flavor profiles were layers of salt, ginger dashi, nori with greens that were a wonderful crisp crunch against fresh soft tuna and avocado.

I usually avoid the fried, tempura stuff. But Saké serves tempura with a very light touch of batter and there is no greasy feel on your hands or lips. So the popcorn shrimp with yuzu and chili mayo and agedashi tofu with tentsuyu and bonito threads was perfect. Especially after a martini…..

The service was excellent – hard to find in Melbourne. It was great meal with Julia White before a disappointing theatre experience.

I recommend making reservations if you really want to eat and don’t want to wait when you arrive. Saké is part of the Southgate Hamer Hall development along the Yarra River across from Flinders train station.

+61 3 8687 0775
Lunch & Dinner 7 Days


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