Botanic and Rare Plant Fair 2017 – Melbourne

This was a busy weekend! But the options did not disappoint.  Including the 2nd annual Botanic and Rare Plant Fair at the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG) – “The Tan” in Melbourne. Best part – lovely walk from home.

Royal Botanic Garden Victoria – Instagram   Facebook
The Diggers Club Victoria – Instagram Facebook

I am still getting my head around Summer during Christmas time and this would be the months your planting and sitting in your garden smelling the roses. And let me tell you – the roses I saw smelled amazing.

First, Melbournians, like Brits, take their gardens, patios and plants seriously. Second, the plants on offer were just beautiful. They ranged from natives, rare and imports. The Diggers Club, RBG and Melbourne Friends brought together 40 specialists and gardenware stalls selling healthy, beautiful plants to make every garden look amazing.

And I was so excited to finally meet Jane and Peter from Backyard Honey. I’ve been enjoying their honey and needed some bees wax to make my own bees wax food wraps. Done and dusted! Instagram Facebook

I was enjoying the walk around the stalls and didn’t check out the workshops or talks – but there was a full program to inform any gardener. And of course there were food and coffee trucks – because it’s Melbourne. And a play are for the kids and plenty of space to bring the dog along!

I was delighted to learn you can grow roses on a balcony and many of the plants were perfect for a deck and didn’t require an in the ground garden. Next year will come with a plan for my balcony!



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