Rose Street Pantry – Local Culinary Delights

Woman cannot live on bread alone. So thank goodness Meridith opened Rose Street Pantry!

Meridith’s Rose Street Pantry shelves and coolers are full of locally made pates, EVOO, finishing salts, ready to eat meals, cheeses and fruit and veg fresh from the market. At the door you’ll be met by the delicious smell of Meridith’s home cooking which you’re welcome to taste while you browse the fabulous products made with real ingredients.

Rose Street Pantry usually has a local culinary artisan offering a tasting. She and her staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. For me, it’s a must weekend visit to stock my pantry for everyday or a special occasion cooking opportunity. Love local eggs, Meridith has often done my farmer’ market shopping and I just pick what I need. The cheese selection is vast as well as chicken pate options, fresh breads and don’t forget to bring your empty EVOO bottle to get it refilled with Mount Zero Olive Oil – organic or not your choice. Those Drury Lane English muffins pictured above – the package won’t last the weekend and if you buy some of Meridith’s amazing, local butter and cheese – they won’t last the day!

Check out her beautiful Instagram Facebook and website Rose Street Market

This blog is dedicated to art, artisans, food, travel and markets because I love the journey of discovery. I enjoy finding local artists, markets, food and supporting the local economy wherever I may be. And now I have chosen to share my discoveries with you!

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