Blacbrail Atelier – Manipulated Precious Metal Adornments


Blacbrail Atelier is the creative expression of indigo. Her work in precious metals, silver jewelry, selection of stones and settings are one of kind. I was so honored to meet indigo just as she began Blacbrail Atelier and I arrived in Melbourne from the US. Indigo and Blacbrail Atelier caught my eye at Rose Street Market as soon as I met her. I am a very proud owner of four of her rings, each distinctive. I always have one on and everyone asks, “Where can I get one?”

Blacbrail Atelier was launched at the start of 2016 by indigo who is a qualified silversmith and designer. Working out of her jewelry studio in one of Melbourne’s inner suburbs indigo has turned her fascination and interest in textures and different forms into distinctive pieces of wearable art, created from precious metals.

Always looking to push the boundaries on design and wearability, indigo continues to evolve her techniques in order to recreate textures such as crumpled baking paper, folded paper or tin foil. More recent designs that mimic eroded concrete and aged paint.

You can find Blacbrail Atelier on line:  website, instagram and Facebook. I love talking w indigo about her process and seeing what her last jewelry creation is. She is lovely and so accessible. She has a space at Rose Street Market in Fitzroy every Saturday and Sunday. indigo is always traveling to markets and has a selection of her jewelry at MONA in Hobart and Fallow online. Her list of stockists and markets grows every week as word of Blacbrail Atelier spreads.

This blog is dedicated to art, artisans, food, travel and markets because I love the journey of discovery. I enjoy finding local artists, markets, food and supporting the local economy wherever I may be. And now I have chosen to share my discoveries with you!

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