I can always find Simone on Instagram sharing her impeccable design sense and latest jewelry creations. While you can shop online at her SIMONE DEVINE jewelry website, Rose Street Market is Simone’s weekend stall. It is always a delight talking with Simone about fashion, her creative process, travel and of course her latest jewelry piece. Simone is designing and making her jewelry in Melbourne which is why I have bought a number of pieces for my collection – necklaces and bracelets I love to wear – all the time.

Scott and Simone are the duo behind beautiful, wearable art around your arms, around your neck or in your home. SIMONE DEVINE believe their artisan designed and created pieces can be integrated into everyday fashion and coveted forever.

SIMONE DEVINE Instagram Facebook Website

This blog is dedicated to art, artisans, food, travel and markets because I love the journey of discovery. I enjoy finding local artists, markets, food and supporting the local economy wherever I may be. And now I have chosen to share my discoveries with you!


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