Matakana Village Farmers Market – New Zealand

I love me a good market and the Matakana Farmers’ Market did not disappoint. The sun followed us and it was a beautiful drive an hour nor

th of Auckland. On a Saturday, there is no traffic so an easy day trip to Matakana – just go.

The picturesque Matakana region is a foodie’s heaven known for its weekend farmers market, boutique food shops and spectacular vineyards.

I recommend renting a car to make this trip. While there are door to door tours….if you have a car, it’s cheaper and you can take the journey you want. On the way up or down there is much off the path you can do…seen next post.

MORE oysters, lots of ready to eat food for us tourists without a kitchen to cook, live music, arts and crafts and bonus a dog minding station run by the kids!

While there were a few of us tourists, most were locals. And clearly a family and dog friendly Saturday. In addition to the food, there was a community market of artists and boutiques with clothing, tea and artwork. Everything from handmade and found to mainstream made in China. Matakana is a lovely village – small and easily walked. Free parking is available in nearby streets with cheap lawn parking around. Next post on the beaches and wine between Auckland and Matakana.

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